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  1. Looking for information on Catherine Yaggi Luckett. I have a photo of E Yaggi’s Saloon and Dance Hall courtesy of Catherine, and am looking for her parents. In 1880 census she is listed living with grandparents Victor and Caroline Yaggi. she is 9 years old, but so far, no parent info. Would appreciate any assistance. The photo in the History of Leopold booklet. Thank you Janet

    1. Janet,

      I don’t know about Catherine Yaggi Luckett connected to the Catherine granddaughter of Victor Yaggi.
      The Catharine Yaggi in the 1880 Victor Yaggi household was listed in the census as age 9, (granddaughter of Victor), born in Indiana, father born in Prussia, mother born in Switzerland. Since Victor Yaggi and some of his children were born in Switzerland, the mother of Catherine was likely a daughter of one of Victor’s daughters.
      On 23 Nov 1868, Emily Yaggi married John Fritz. (Emily was a daughter of Victor Yaggi.) They were married by Rev. Brassart who was the St. Augustine priest. John Fritz was born in Prussia based on the 1880 census. Emily was born in Switzerland.
      On 13 Oct 1887, Mary Catharine Fritz, daughter of John Fritz and “Amelia Yaggy”, married John W. Cunningham in Perry county. They also were married by Rev Brassart.
      The 1900 census for Oil twp, Perry county, shows the John W. Cunningham household with wife Mary K. born Jan 1871. She was born in IN and lists her parents as born in Switzerland. (I think it should be that her father was born Prussia and mother in Switzerland, but the census shows both parents from Switzerland.)
      Anyway, I suspect that this is the 9 year old Catharine listed as a granddaughter in Victor Yaggi’s 1880 census.
      FindAGrave website shows a Catherine Elizabeth Yaggi Luckett as being born in 1912 and the daughter of Joseph Curtis Yaggi. She is buried at St. Croix. This Catherine would not be the 9 year old 1880 census Catherine but I don’t know if this is the Catherine Yaggi Luckett that you mentioned in your posting.

      1. Thanks so much. Where is St Croix? This has been a real mystery. I first looked at the 1880 census, and after much searching thought she was the daughter of Curtis Yaggi, but the birthdates don’t match. Catherine Yaggi Luckett submitted a photo of the Yaggi Saloon in the Leopold Hx .booklet. May have to leave this one alone for awhile. Janet

      2. Hi Again, I found an obit from 2002 for Juanita Marie Yaggi Boyles. Catherine Luckett is mentioned as a survivor, sister of Juanita. Juanita parents are Joseph Curtis and Martha Grimmeisen. The parent names came from Mike Mattingly. Apparently, Juanita was first married to Shelby Mattingly. Catherine’s age is still out there. another source has her birth also 1912. who knows…. Janet

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